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Thoughts and Musings

Free Cat Toy in Every Box!

Brother Boy and Sister Kitty dare me to take their toy.



Despite having a full box of toys, my two young Tonkinese cats prefer to make their own. Recently pulled from the recycle bin, this cardboard pull-tab from a Fancy Feast® Collection case is now their favorite. They bat it across the floor, toss it in the air, pounce on it, and carry it everywhere. And if one grabs it and runs, the chase is on!


If you're wondering why this blog post is on my author's website, one of the early readers of my soon-to-be-published novel, Family of Choice: Raising Each Other, liked one character's calico and requested in her notes, "More cat, please!" So, I'm planning to include felines based on these two in the series' second book. Since I'm not sure of their fictional names yet and to preserve their privacy, I'll refer to them here as Brother Boy (top in photo) and Sister Kitty.


I'm just beginning to develop the outline, so they can serve as my mews!

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