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Thoughts and Musings

Seeing God from my Hammock

A favorite spot to relax and see God in many of his glories.



Our priest often asks us, "Where did you see God this week?" So, I've developed the habit of opening my eyes to his omnipresent presence.


Lounging in my hammock recently, I saw God everywhere: In the bright blue sky and the cloud beyond the branches; in the massive maple tree; and in the natural rhythms of the changing seasons he created, to which the colorful leaves served as a reminder.


I love this tree. Besides giving me a shady spot to rest, it provides nests and a playground for multiple litters of baby squirrels, a smorgasbord for a nuthatch that patrols its trunks for insects, and habitat for pairs of Downey and Red-bellied Woodpeckers.


I shot this photo just before the hammock came down for winter storage. God will continuously show his face to me in the coming days through the beauty and darkness of winter.


Where did you see God today?

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